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Sihanoukville – 3 Islands Day Tour

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Sihanoukville – 3 Islands day tour in Cambodia

Sihanoukville – 3 Islands day tour is an extraordinary adventure exploring the breathtaking beauty of Cambodia with our Snorkel Islands Tour. Immerse yourself in an aquatic paradise as we visit three incredible islands: Kaoh Tres, Kaoh Chanloh, and Ko Tah Kiev. This unforgettable experience will captivate your senses and leave you with memories to treasure of these picturesque locations offers an amazing opportunity to witness a rich aquatic paradise.

Immerse Yourself in the Aquatic Paradise

Dive into the crystal-clear waters and get ready to be mesmerized by the unparalleled visibility that allows you to fully appreciate the vibrant colors and intricate details of the underwater ecosystem. As you snorkel around these picturesque islands, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the rich biodiversity that thrives beneath the surface. Marvel at the captivating beauty of the coral reefs, which serve as vibrant habitats and sources of nourishment for a diverse array of marine creatures. The stunning backdrop of the coral reefs creates a truly enchanting atmosphere for your snorkeling adventure.

Prepare for encounters with fascinating marine creatures as you snorkel alongside them. Spot graceful sea turtles gracefully gliding through the water, their majestic presence leaving you in awe. Observe the elegant movements of stingrays along the sandy seabed, showcasing their natural grace and beauty. These up-close and personal encounters offer a truly immersive experience, allowing you to connect with the wonders of marine life in their natural habitat.

Tranquil and Serene Island Settings

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax in the tranquil and idyllic settings of Kaoh Tres, Kaoh Chanloh, and Ko Tah Kiev. These islands boast pristine beaches, lush vegetation, and a serene ambiance that invites you to relax and embrace the peaceful surroundings. Let the breathtaking landscapes and the soothing atmosphere create lasting memories of your snorkeling adventure in Cambodia.

Discover the wonders of Snorkel Islands in Cambodia with our Snorkel Islands Tour. Immerse yourself in the beauty of crystal-clear waters, encounter captivating marine life, and unwind in tranquil island settings. Book your adventure today and explore the Wildlife in this Sihanoukville – 3 Islands day tour.


  • Vibrant Marine Life: Immerse yourself in the vibrant underwater world and discover the diverse and colorful marine life, including tropical fish like angelfish and clownfish, in the crystal-clear waters.
  • Crystal-Clear Waters: Experience the unparalleled visibility of the pristine waters, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the underwater ecosystem.
  • Pristine Coral Reefs: Marvel at the magnificent formations of hard and soft corals, which provide a vital habitat for a multitude of marine creatures and contribute to the overall allure of the snorkeling experience.

Stop 1 - Kaoh Tres Island
Stop 1 - Kaoh Tres Island

Be prepared to immerse yourself in the sea bottom of Kaoh Tres Island and encounter a mesmerizing array of colorful tropical fish darting through the coral gardens. Marvel at the intricate formations of hard and soft corals, providing a vibrant backdrop to your underwater adventure. Keep an eye out for curious sea turtles gracefully gliding through the water and graceful stingrays gracefully gliding along the sandy seabed.

Stop 2 - Kaoh Chanloh Island
Stop 2 - Kaoh Chanloh Island

The adventure continue to Kaoh Chanloh island, prepare to be amazed by the vibrant coral formations that line the ocean floor. Snorkel alongside schools of dazzling fish, from vibrant angelfish to playful clownfish darting in and out of their anemone homes. Don't be surprised if you spot some majestic eagle rays elegantly gliding through the depths.

Stop 3 - Ko Tah Kiev Island
Stop 3 - Ko Tah Kiev Island

Finally, Ko Tah Kiev offers a unique marine landscape filled with an abundance of marine life. Dive into crystal-clear waters and witness the beauty of the diverse coral formations that provide shelter to a myriad of fish species. Keep your eyes peeled for the elusive seahorses and brightly colored nudibranchs, showcasing the intricate wonders of nature.

  • Breakfast, enjoy a delicious breakfast to start your day off right before embarking on the snorkeling adventure.
  • Lunch will be provided during the tour, allowing you to refuel and satisfy your appetite.
  • Fruit and Soft Drinks, stay refreshed throughout the day with a selection of fresh fruits and a variety of soft drinks.
  • Snorkeling Equipment, we provide free use of snorkeling equipment, including masks, snorkels, and fins. Feel free to explore the underwater world with our well-maintained gear.
  • Free Pick-Up, benefit from the convenience of a complimentary pick-up service from your hotel at 8:30 am. Our reliable and comfortable tuk-tuk transportation will ensure a smooth journey to the departure point.
  • Departure and Arrival, the tour departs at 9:30 am from Otres Beach in Sihanoukville and returns around 4:00 pm, ensuring a full day of snorkeling adventure.
  • The tour focuses specifically on snorkeling activities and does not include scuba diving. If you are interested in scuba diving, we can provide you with recommendations for reputable diving centers in the area.
  • Personal Snorkeling Gear: While we offer free use of snorkeling equipment, if you prefer to use your own personal gear, please feel free to bring it along for the tour.
  • The package includes fruit and soft drinks but does not include alcoholic beverages. If you wish to have alcoholic beverages during the tour, they can be purchased separately at your own expense.
  • Tips for guides, boat crew, or any other service providers are not included in the tour price. If you feel satisfied with the service received, it is customary to provide a gratuity as a token of appreciation.
  • Please note that these exclusions are specific to the snorkeling tour mentioned. If you have any further questions or require additional information, please let us know.

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