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Marina Rd, Preah, Sihanoukville, Camboya
2023-11-30 21:29:00

Sihanoukville – 3 Islands Day Tour

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Discover the beauty of Cambodia with our snorkeling tour that visits three incredible islands: Kaoh Tres, Kaoh ...
7 hours
7 hours

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Lluisa Solé
Lluisa Solé
jun. de 2023 • Viajera sola
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I am about to return from one of the best trips of my life, through Indonesia.
I am a backpacker and adventurer and probably the most incredible part of this trip has been Borneo and its orangutans. Going through the Tajun Puting on Klotok is magical. Waking up in the morning surrounded by nature,...
felipe samper
felipe samper
ago. de 2022 • Couple
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Great service and experience
We did the 3 day 2 night tour with Febri. We visited different places and we were able to see orangutans, proboscis and some other species of monkeys. Some of them just a few meters from us, we also did a night walk through the jungle where we saw birds and insects, incredible!! The klotok has all the comforts...
Irene G
Irene G
sept. of 2018 • Friends
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A must
Undoubtedly the best of my trip to Indonesia. No matter how much time you have to explore this immense country, Borneo is an essential stop. And this experience becomes even more special when you share 3 days with people like Yussuf or Rudy (our guide), who transmit to you everything that makes love for their jungle...
ago. de 2022 • Couple
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Route through Tanjung Puting in Klotok with Yusuf highly recommended.
It was quite an experience to spend 3 days in one of Yusuf's klotoks along the Sekonyer river. The guide Febri and the rest of the crew that accompanied us were great, very friendly and attentive to the last detail. The food was abundant and one of the best we ate in Indonesia.
Josu R 18 • En solitario
Josu R 18 • En solitario
aug. 2018 • Solo
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Tanjung putting. Orangutans
I couldn't do the orangutan tour with yusuf, which made me very sad... speaking with yosuf I discovered how much he loves his jungle and its orangutans and his dedication as a guide... it was nice to contact him. I recommend this tour and if possible with Yusuf.